A New Documentary Film - Coming in 2019

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Bluegrass Video, LLC is honored to announce a new one-hour documentary concert film:

Bluegrass Court Jester: Ron Thomason

An Unusual History of Bluegrass Music

Drive the crossroads of the American landscape and you will hear a style of music that, much like jazz, is uniquely American. Listen closely and you will recognize traces of jigs, blues, zydeco and jazz - a melting pot of musical sounds rooted deeply in our national heritage.

Bluegrass music is the twang of the mandolin, the poetic finger picking of the banjo, and the heartfelt stories and soaring harmonies that endears such passion in its devoted followers. And no one better personifies bluegrass than Ron Thomason with his accounts of everyday love, humor, laments, and wry observations.

“Ron Thomason has become to bluegrass what Will Rogers was to the country - a gentle conscience that makes us laugh, but keeps us thinking, too.”

Chris Stuart, Bluegrass Unlimited

Shot on location at an upcoming High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival in Westcliff, Colorado, Bluegrass Court Jester: Ron Thomason will feature performances by Ron as lead singer for one of bluegrass’s most iconic bands, The Dry Branch Fire Squad, plus bands that cover the entire spectrum from “old time music” to contemporary “new grass.” Interviews with Ron and numerous other experts in the field will deepen our understanding of the roots and history of bluegrass, its role in today’s culture, and its surprising international success.

Each time Ron strums his mandolin and speaks to us through song and humor, he reminds us that bluegrass music is a national treasure. Become part of this historic project and support us is in telling this story. Contact us: PTS@bluegrasscourtjester.com.